Train Ride

So you got a Ticket!
Here is what you need to know.  First: PLEASE RSVP ASAP!. its going to be tight, and we would really like to know if your spot can be opened up for someone else.

Please arrive early to: 114 Depot Road  Osceola, WI 54020  Phone (715) 755-3570

Good news.  This week we were upgraded to a third passenger car which is just traditional train seating.  So, we have talked two adults into riding in that area that are willing to supervise children. Lets work together to have something for them to do besides just experience the train for an hour (which is special and fascinating all by itself for most kids over five).  That having been said - there will only be adults in the wedding car.

We are riding in the restored personal car of the train owner, and although it is luxurious and large according to train standards, it is small according to church standards.  We also have a dining car that we will use after the wedding for a receiving line, and an opportunity for a non-alcoholic toast and some fellowship on the return ride.  We really expect this to be a very fun, and very special experience for those on the train.