Dress Code

Dress is either casual, OR . . .

Come dressed in period clothing for about 1910.  You'll fit in perfectly with the wedding party as this is how they will be clothed. I promise it will add to the fun.

 If you don't want to go out and find period clothes, but want to pretend, Let me suggest for the guys, some black jeans, a pin striped or solid colored collared shirt. Adding suspenders might be a nice touch . And girls, any old fashioned lacy dress. (of course HATS will add to the look for guys and girls)  We would love it if you would dress up, but mostly we just want everyone to be comfortable and have a great time.

Jenny's dress pattern was from 1910. Martin will be wearing a suit jacket with tails and top hat much like a train owner might dress in that day.  The rest of the wedding party will be similarly dressed for the period. If you would like help getting in the spirit of the dressing part, just send us your clothes sizes. We have access to hundreds of period outfits, but spotty on sizes.  We wish there was time to get everyone's sizes, and find clothes for all.  We'll do our best, please give us your size to see what we have.

We found a Costume shop in SILVER LAKE that is loaded with old Western Ware.  Vests, Suspenders, Hats, etc etc.  Waiting to hear about the ladies stuff. check back here soon.