How we met

Well, this is how Jenny would describe it:

The short story is that we met on Christian Mingle.  

The more interesting version is as follows:

I had been a member of Christian Mingle for a couple of months and was disappointed in the results. I had decided to cancel my membership when Martin's profile showed up on my Christian Mingle page as someone new that I may be interested in.  He had not downloaded a picture yet so I was only mildly interested but read through his profile anyway.  The next day I received a message from Martin through Christian Mingle.  He mentioned wanting to get to know me better.  He seemed like a decent guy so we started messaging back and forth.  Through our conversation he mentioned the smile I sent him.  In the back of my mind I thought "I never sent you a smile" but he insisted that I had.  On further checking I realized I had smiled at him.  Not something I did to a fellow without a picture. Lol. 

We decided to message each other through the website later that evening   We chatted online from 7 pm to 11:15 pm the first night.  We emailed the next morning through the CM website. Martin asked for my phone number with the promise of not pestering me or calling me if I told him to leave me alone.  I gave him my number {he seemed like an alright guy even though he still wouldn't give me a picture :-()}

We text throughout the day and he finally sent me a picture of himself working out in the yard with his goofy work hat on. He was cute.  He did send me a nice picture of himself and I knew he was a very nice looking man.  I could only hope and pray he was as handsome in person. 

Martin asked in a text if he could call me at 7ish that evening. At 7:03 pm I received my first phone call from Martin. One of the first things that we established was that we could ask each other any question and that we would be honest and transparent with each other.  Neither one of us wanted to waste our time or energy on the wrong person.  Well that opened up the flood gates and I was interrogated for over 4 hours that night. I had not ever been asked that many questions in my life.   

By the time we had met for the first time a week later on Thursday, we had talked for over 19 hours.  That did not include the chatting we had done or the texting we had done over the week.  Our first date was in St. Cloud.  We decided to meet at a restaurant.  When Martin came out of the restaurant he was carrying a peach rose and wearing a purple dress shirt.  I was also wearing the same exact color purple.  It was a match made in heaven!